Blasting and Drilling

The primary function of NCSI was to provide drilling and blasting services to residential, commercial and publicly funded projects in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. Over the first few years the company grew in size, operational area and services provided. By 2006 NCSI expanded its service area to include Ohio and West Virginia. Its services began to migrate towards specialty blasting projects in urban areas, underwater blasting and demolition projects. NCSI began specializing in highly controlled blasting projects in closely confined urban areas where other blasting contractors either could not or would not conduct blasting operations.

NCSI’s ability to perform precision blasting created opportunities in the electric industry performing controlled blasting operations for tower foundations. Rock has always presented a challenge to contractors installing concrete foundation structures. Typical blasting contractors were unable to blast these foundations in a way that was suitable to the power companies because conventional blasting methods were ineffective in compromising all the rock in the foundation area and did little to aid the contractors in removing the rock in an efficient and cost effective manner. In most cases where the rock was fractured enough to make removal possible, the effects of the blast over fractured the adjacent rock formation to the point where the rock outside the foundation was incompetent and had to be removed and additional concrete was needed to make the foundation adequate in strength to support the tower. In many cases more concrete was needed to replace the over broken rock than was intended for construction of the foundation as it was designed. And in some extreme cases the entire foundation had to be redesigned due to the over-breakage of rock. NCSI developed a controlled blasting method that broke the rock in a neat cylindrical fashion with minimal over-breakage which required little or no extra concrete and left the remaining adjacent rock competent to support the tower. This method is similar to continuous pre-split blasting used in highway construction but NCSI developed a way to do this in a radial fashion, rather than in a linear manner.

We provide the following services but are always happy to explore new and different services that our company can assist you with. Please contact us if you do not see specifically what you are looking for.


  • Line drilling
  • Perforating materials for easier removal
  • Rock anchor installation
  • Drilling boreholes for blasting
  • Exploratory drilling
  • Ground wells for utility structures


  • Utility and pipe trench blasting
  • Bulk blasting
  • Basements and footers
  • Swimming pools
  • Demolition (controlled)
  • Close proximity blasting
  • Indoor blasting
  • Underwater blasting
  • Continuous presplit
  • Utility pole and caisson blasting
  • Non-explosive rock and concrete removal
  • Pre-blast surveys
  • Blast/safety plans
  • Vibration plans
  • Permitting issues
  • Customer and public relations
  • Seismographs
  • Blasting mats
  • Electronic/ programmable detonators