Jerimiah Shuster

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Jerimiah ShusterJerimiah Shuster takes pride in managing civil work on large transmission line projects for Newville Construction, primarily projects in the PPL system. Jerimiah’s strong suit is the organization of civil work on projects, working with utilities, utility management, utility contractors and property owners to keep projects on schedule and running smoothly and efficiently. Jerimiah relies on experience gained while working on past utility and construction projects, as well as his surveying background, to identify problems early on, making every attempt to rectify them before they become issues that could potentially hinder projects.

Jerimiah is also an experienced driller and blaster. He currently holds a blasting license in Pennsylvania. Jerimiah has involvement in all bridge demolitions performed by Newville Construction Services. Jerimiah takes the lead when understanding and using new technology in the blasting industry.

The pride Jerimiah Shuster takes in his work reflects in his reputation.

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