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Newville Construction’s reputation is built on quality, safety, and on-time completion. We have built our name on trust and reliability. Our knowledge and experience, as well as our commitment to our customers, means choosing Newville Construction guarantees the job is done right.

NCS organizes, manages and maintains civil aspects on projects

  • Keeping projects safe and environmental compliant
  • Communication on project matters
  • Coordination of traffic on a project
  • Organization, documentation, and execution of work on project

Project maintenance & documentation

  • Keeping the job safe and functioning
  • Keeping projects in compliance with state and local regulations
  • Documenting project in compliance with state and local regulations

Project communication

  • Daily plan and progress reporting
  • Highlighted Project #1

    Susquehanna - Jenkins Project

    The following are observations made in the bid / job breakdown process of the Susquehanna – Jenkins Project. From a civil standpoint, the most problematic observation made is the current condition of the roads that have been deemed “existing stabilized access road” per the provided E&S plan. NCS is of the opinion that although most of these roads are currently accessible by standard pick-up trucks, track equipment, and light equipment, they will not withstand the heavy truck traffic necessary to complete a project of this scale. It is the responsibility of NCS to provide this access, then specific roads deemed “existing stabilized access road” must be improved to provide the safe, all weather access roads necessary for the Susquehanna – Jenkins Project to be safe and successful.

    The following are examples of some roadways evaluated and deemed necessary to build by NCS, but marked as “existing stabilized access road.”


    Access to Structures 7 to 11

    Existing roads need light grading and stone up to Structure 7. The road leading from Structure 7 up to Structure 9 is a steep slope that is eroded and washed out. This road must be built in order to provide concrete truck and crane access. This sloped road cannot be safely traversed by large trucks and cranes in its current condition. Access road from 9 to 11 is in need of light grading and stone in spots.

Recent Projects

Peckville: Varden 69ky replacement project / 14 miles of transmission line Northeast of Scranton, PA / PPL project / Kenny Construction / Harlan Electric

Pocono: Paupack Transmission line Project / PPL project / Kenny Construction

Riverdale: Butler Transmission Line / JCP&L project / Didado

Osage to Collins Ferry West Virginia for Mon Power

Collins Ferry to West Run West Virginia for Mon Power

Homer City to Handsome Lake Pennsylvania for Allegheny Power

Rocktown Loop New Jersey for PSE&G

Current Projects

Paupack: Honesdale 69kv replacement project / 13 miles of Transmission line Northeast of Scranton, PA / PPL project / Kenny Construction / Michels Power

  • Civil work (environmental, road & pad building and restoration)
  • Ground wells throughout project
  • Dug and installed cans on all direct embed structures (86 structures)
  • Installed all plate anchors and rock anchors on project (for guy wires)

Paupack Substation:

  • Completing the build of a new substation (civil work) / PPL substation project

Susquehanna: Roseland 500kv Transmission line project

  • Restoration of work pads and roads in section B-13 / PPl project / Kenny Construction
  • Ground wells throughout project / PPL line / Par

Pocono: Achehela Transmission Line Project / PPL project / Kenny Construction

  • Install ground wells throughout project

Lake Harmony: Naomi Transmission line project / PPL project / Michels Power

  • Dig and install cans for the installation of all direct embed structures (180 structures)

West Run to Lake Lynn West Virginia for Mon Power

Glen Falls to Buchannon West Virginia for Mon Power

East Springfield to London Ohio for Ohio Edison

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